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Neighborhood Watch Program


What an effective Neighborhood Watch can do for your neighborhood:


  1.  Bring law enforcement and the public together to reduce     crime and improve the quality of life.

   2.  Instill a greater sense of security while reducing the fear of 


   3.  Create a “sense of community” and put the “neighbor”

        back into the neighborhood.


Neighborhood Watch is a program that:

Teaches citizens techniques to reduce the risk of being victimized at home and in the public.  Trains citizens on the importance of recognizing suspicious activities and how to report them.  Teaches participants how to make their homes more secure and properly identify their property.  Allow neighbors to get to know each other so that any out of place activity can be reported and investigated.

Creates a cohesive body of concerned citizens that can address other issues affecting the community – not only crime but also safety, health issues, and emergency preparedness.

Community Safety Topics

  • Internet Safety for Kids

  • Operation ID (recording personal property information)

  • Identity Theft

  • How to Spot Scams, Cons, and Crooks

  • Home Security

  • Fire Safety (KHFD)

  • Beach Safety (KHOR)

  • Bicycle Safety

  • Drugs and Your Children

  • Firearms Storage and Safety

  • Preparing your Home for Vacation

  • Neighborhood Safety Issues

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