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Commendations & Complaints

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Each year, Kitty Hawk police officers make thousands of contacts with people.  In some cases, individuals may question why an incident was handled in a particular way, they may wish to acknowledge the employees involved, or they may disagree with the actions of a departmental employee.  Public confidence in the criminal justice system depends, to a large extent, on the trust that people have in their law enforcement officers.  For that reason, the Kitty Hawk Police Department takes citizen questions, concerns and compliments very seriously. 


The Kitty Hawk Police Department will forward commendations to officers and their supervisors so that the officer(s) may be recognized.  It is also the department’s policy to investigate all allegations of employee misconduct in a thorough manner.  The Kitty Hawk Police Department Chief of Police is responsible for coordinating investigations related to alleged employee misconduct and commendations for exemplary service.

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