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If you would like to

participate in a Ride-Along, Contact:

The Kitty Hawk Police Department

at: (252) 261-3895

Ride-Along Program

The purpose of the Kitty Hawk Police Department Ride-Along Program is to allow residents or visitors, interested in a career in law enforcement, the opportunity to accompany officers during their tour of duty.  This experience provides the ride-along an opportunity to observe the duties and responsibilities of a police officer as well as, obtain a better understanding of the law enforcement community.

All applicants must fill out a Ride-Along Application, be 18 years of age or older, and sign a Liability Release Waiver.  All applicants must successfully pass a background investigation prior to riding with a police officer.  

The background investigation will include, but is not limited to, the following inquiries:

  • The Kitty Hawk Police Department Records Check

  • Division of Motor Vehicles Driver's History Check

  • NC Administrative Office of the Courts

  • Division of Criminal Information National Records Check

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