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Residential Security Checks

 Residential security checks are provided to any year round residents while they are out of town. A uniformed Patrol Officer will inspect the residence at least once in a 24-hour period.  The officer will complete an operations report after each inspection of the residence, and any abnormality discovered will be noted on the report.  However, the duration of this service is limited to 2 weeks.  If you are planning a vacation and would like a security check of your home, you can contact the Police Department at 252-261-3895 and provide our records personnel with the information or complete the form below and bring it in to the Police Department.

Preventative Measures

  • Install lights on timers.

  • Mount outside motion lights around your home.

  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked.

  • Do not leave personal property unsecured around or under your house.

  • Do not leave vehicles unlocked

  • Install a security system.  Make sure you have an Alarm Permit if you are going to install an automated alarm system.

  • Close blinds / Curtains before leaving town.


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